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Daily Chronicles of Inder Bhan Madan

After showcasing a selection of Inder Bhan Madan's cartoons at C 13, an exhibition by FICA, we are very excited to bring to our audience, a different body of his works online. The works are undated and unsigned but hints to both contexts - those which are historical in nature as well as pertinent to the political climate of the present. In a discussion at the exhibition with Vishwajyoti Ghosh, Ravikant and Shobha Madan, we realized that there are several possibilities that need further engagement to deal with an archive of this nature. One of the facets that has emerged from this discussion is how fluid and undefined has the field of Indian cartoons has been where there still remains to be a publication or other means by which one can be able to look at the different histories, styles and works of cartoonists and their contribution to the genre. While BlueJackal continues to publish a second part of his chronicles, we are inspired to take the discourse further with enthusiasts and cartoonists on the works of Inder Bhan Mada.

BlueJackal is grateful to Vidya Shivadas and Shobha Madan for introducing us to the invaluable oeuvre of Inder Bhan Madan.

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