Chudail  | A comics by Lokesh Khodke  
INR 150/- plus courier charges
A 50 pages comic in Hindi language by Lokesh Khodke published in print by BlueJackal. Chudail (The Witch) is the main character of this story who possess a Brahmin woman's body. And then the roller coaster takes place in both of their lives is narrated in a humorous way in this comics.
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Afternoon  |  by Shefalee Jain  
INR 100/- plus courier charges
A 6-page accordion book by Shefalee Jain published in print  as well as online by BlueJackal. This little book is a wordless exploration through visuals of a child in a garden in mid-afternoon; afternoon being that stark enigmatic time of the day which is without shadows and yet is punctuated by ‘tonalities’.
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Act 1: 'Letters to O'  | A comics by Lokesh Khodke 
INR 150/- plus courier charges
A 8 page comic by Lokesh Khodke published in print as well as on web on BlueJackal. The comics has 4 letters and each of the letters share the obscure and difficult experiences of our times by going beyond a journalistic language of reporting an event. 

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OCTA  | A Set of 8 comics  
INR 400/- plus courier charges
A comics/picture book project by BlueJackal, OCTA is a set of eight comics/picture books published in May 2018. OCTA has comics/picture books by Vasvi Oza & Jagdish, Treibor Mawlong, Shivangi Singh, Renuka Rajiv, Pallavi Arora, Kathyayini Dash, Chan, Akshay Sethi.  For more details about the each book check here and place order for the print. 
Each book is 8 page long plus cover. And the set is kept inside a safe, green color book jacket that can easily stand in your book shelf. 
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