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Howl For Entries



BlueJackal invites your entries for Situation Comics 2. Listen to the sound piece below and send in your responses in the form of a one page comic based on the situation provided:







I seek a new world lyrics


Our second howl for entries is a sound piece composed by Sun Ra -‘I Seek a New World’, album -
'Strange Worlds In My Mind' – Space Poetry Vol 1 – late 50s/early 60s. 


Sun Ra (1) was an Afro-American jazz composer, bandleader, poet and philosopher known for his experimental music and "cosmic" philosophy. Born as Herman Blount, he disowned the "slave name" he had been given at birth, becoming instead Le Sony'r Ra. Defying the Second World War draft, he became one of the first black conscientious objectors and served time in prison. He is considered one of the pioneers of Afrofuturism (2). Mark A. Rockeymoore writes "Afrofuturism ... is not a mechanical, technology driven vision of the future because an afro ain't never been about anything constricting or orderly, in the hierarchical sense. Rather, an afro is free-flowing, loving the wind. Changing, shifting and drifting on the breeze, bending this way, puffing out or just plain swaying gently from side to side, following the whimsical inclinations of the melanated person upon who's head it is perched."(3)


Situation Comics 2 offers newer possibilities and challenges in the ways in which one could creatively visualize words, sound, music and through them the world, in the form of a comic.


Situation Comics is a regular feature on BlueJackal. In every episode a situation is proposed which invites a creative participation to unfold as a comic. Your entry for Situation Comics 2 must be a in the form of a one page comic in response to the sound piece. 


To see the entries for Situation Comics 1, click here.


Submission Guidelines:


  • Your entry must stick to a single page comic

  • Individual as well as collaborative entries are accepted

  • Mail us a high resolution tiff image (min.300 dpi)

  • Entries in languages other than English must be accompanied with a translation

  • The text used in the comic strip should be clear and readable

  • Your entry can be in colour or B&W

  • Send us a brief note on the comic and your short bio (50 words each).

  • Last date of submission is 20th February 2017

  • Send the Entries at with the subject heading ‘Entry for Situation Comics 2’




  • Situation Comics 2 will be published on

  • The editorial team will closely look into the entries and the comic strip will be published on the our website upon selection. You will be informed via e-mail about the selection.

  • We may go for print in the future. In that case we will inform you and take your permission.

  • Please note that we do not provide any remuneration or fees for your work published on our webpage.

  • For any queries please contact us at

I Seek a New World - Sun Ra
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