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Anna Dasgupta

The fact that people’s potential is stifled is perhaps a consequence of being part of a larger system that will not allow uniqueness to blossom if it poses a threat to the system. Ideologies are drilled in and individuality is painted over till one becomes a mere gear in the mechanism that perpetuates certain ideas in society. After all, one is just another cog in the machine. This comic was created using mixed media on an A4 sized white cartridge sheet.

Anna Dasgupta is an amateur cartoonist who will paint on any surface she can find. She is currently in the third year of studying English Literature at Maitreyi College, University of Delhi,India and has also created comic strips for Dialectic, the newsletter published by the English Department of her college. You can visit her recent works at her ownr blog and her work can be found on Instagram @drawingbanana.

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