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Anupam Saikia

I have used images from two of my performances in my comic strip:

  • Lathi Charge, was a performance in response to police brutality inflicted upon the protesting students of University of Hyderabad, India on 22nd march 2016, in the aftermath of Rohith’s institutional murder - my body was silent, helpless; a leather belt tied around my neck. My body was half bare and half black, my gestures and counter gaze directed toward the viewers provoking them to think.

  • Sleep with a Reason was a collaborative performance keeping at its centre, debates within university spaces around Rohith’s 'suicide'. The act of sleeping inside the display/gallery space was meant to be a mockery of the presence of Appa Rao, the Vice Chancellor under whose casteist administration, Rohith was forced to take his own life.

Anupam Saikia, a visual and performance artist from Assam, India has completed his BFA (painting) from Govt. College of Art and Craft and MFA (painting) from SN school , University of Hyderabad.  He has participated in group shows and artist residencies across India. Participant of the Kolkata International Performance Art Festival in 2016, Anupam recently did a performance on Kashmir titled Travelling Face with Future Collaborations.

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