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BlueJackal @ Indie Comics Fest

2 October 2017

YWCA, Mumbai


Indie Comix Fest is first of its kind organised in India. This one day event brought together artists, designers
and comic enthusiasts from across the country, working in the field of self-published comics.

BlueJackal having started out primarily as a web based comics and picture book collective, decided to print five selected entries from Situation Comics 1 and 2, the web comics series  Act 1: Letters to ‘O’ by Lokesh Khodke, BlueJackal Newsletter and prints of Inder Bhan Madan’s selected cartoons from the C13 show.

There were range of self published comics at all the stalls. There were full length graphic novels, zines in all shapes and sizes, comics puppets, comics magazines, posters and much more.  To explore all the participants check out the website link for  Indie Comix Fest Mumbai.

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