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जनी म्हणे...

Sharvari Deshpande

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जनी म्हणे... (Jani Says...)

BlueJackal Publication, New Delhi, September 2022 

Sharvari Deshpande 

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About Sharvari : Sharvari Deshpande is an artist and illustrator currently living in Pune. She has completed BA in Visual Arts from M.S. University and currently pursuing Masters in Gender, Culture and Development Studies from Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). 

BlueJackal is an independent platform for engaging with, creating and publishing visual narratives, comics, picture books and initiating dialogue and learning within these contexts through interactive programs. It is run by three core members, Shivangi Singh, Shefalee Jain and Lokesh Khodke and projects team member Sharvari Deshpande.

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