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Other Members:

Aryakrishnan is a researcher and artist based in New Delhi, India. He completed his MA in Visual Arts from School of Culture and Creative Expressions, Ambedkar University Delhi in 2014. He was a young curator for the Students Biennale of Cochin Biennale 2014 where he curated the works of students from Faculty of music and fine arts of Jammu University, and Kashmir University. Along with Juggleheads, he curated the shows stutter in your eloquence (2014) at BC Gallery Cochin and stutter in your eloquence-II (2015) at Ambedkar University Delhi. Along with Karthik KG he has written a proposal for Dara Shikoh Library, in the context of Reimagining the Question of Cultural Infrastructure at Insert 2014 curated by Raqs Media Collective. He has also curated, with Clive Snook,  Flora, Fauna and spirit (2012) an Exhibition of indigenous art and craft practices from India at Gallery 360, Thiruvananthapuram.As an artist he explores a mixture of medium and forms, from drawing to poetry and performance.  His ongoing project Sweet Maria Monument is based on ephemeral queer archives in which he collaborates with artists and activists to re-create an imaginary archive. He continues his engagement with Students Biennale as a curator for the 2016 edition and works with Artreach India as a program manager.


Rashmimala is an artist and independent researcher based in Baroda, India. Her group shows include, Morphology of an archive, an International group show held by MOG- Museum of Goa, Goa, 2015, Inscription on the Surface of the Transitory, Faculty of Fine Arts ,Baroda, 2014, Fluid, The  Site, Baroda, 2013, India Art Fair, Delhi,2013, Kochi-Muziris Biennale Collateral Group Show, 2013,  Gallery Ragini, New Delhi  -2011, Jehangir Art Gallery -Mumbai, 2011, Gallery Beyond Mumbai-2011, Rukshaan Arts-Mumbai, 2010,Multitudes Kochi and Max Muller Bhavan, Bengaluru, 2009.She has contributed for the recent Marg Volume Baroda: A Cosmopolitan Provenance in Transition, Priya Maholay Jaradi, 2015. She also worked as the Coordinator for Digitization of Photographic Collection of Prof. Jyoti Bhatt, IGNCA, Delhi -2014 and  Project Researcher for  the Baroda Project , Asia Art Archive(AAA), Hong Kong - Digitization of personal archives of four important artists who taught in the initial years at Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University, Baroda.She was a part of the large scale mural project Conjuring Land for Mumbai International Airport, 2012-2013. She has illustrated the story Tataki Wins Again by Gogu Shaymla, as part of a book project Different Tales: Stories from Marginal Cultures and Regional Languages (Kottayam: DC Books, 2008) initiated by Anveshi,Hyderabad.She holds two post graduations in Painting and Art Criticism from MSU, Baroda and is a recipient of National Scholarship (1998-2000).She is currently on a research project of retracing a 16th century herb Garden in Old Goa by using Archaeological methodologies and literary sources. As an additional interest she has been involved with the genre of Botanical illustrations with special reference to texts produced in pre- Independent India.


Karthik ~ Research/Practice Interests >> Evolution & Philosophy of technology, their practical implementations and the iterations in fictional imaginaries ~ contemplating these aesthetics and their manifestation of everydayness *** Recent research project Unique Identification and dividual explores the techniques of identification through the multi-layered historical developments and sci-fi imaginations ~ locates the Aadhaar ID project within this as a shift from  decentralised to distributed network structure and the relation to dividual subjectivity *** Studies>>M.Res in Curatorial/Knowledge, Goldsmiths, University of London [2016] ~ M.A. in Visual Arts, Ambedkar University, Delhi [2014] ~ B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KLN College of Engineering, Anna University, Madurai [2005] *** >> Work>> Software Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai [2005-2011] ***Participation >> Various student group shows at Ambedkar University, Delhi ~ Collaborative proposal exhibited as a part of INSERT2014, IGNCA, New Delhi [2014] ~  Group show Identity Control, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi [2014] ~ Residency and Exhibited at Pepper House Residency Show, Kochi Muziris Biennale [2014] ~ Co-curated with three other artists (Aruna, Aryan, Shivangi) as juggleheads and participated in stutter in your eloquence, at BC Gallery, Mattenchery, Kochi [2014] and stutter in your eloquence (2), at Ambedkar University, Delhi [2015] ~ live Sound acts at few occasions which include Disquiet, New Delhi [2015].


Aruna is an artist and art-enthusiast interested in working with digital media, sound, glitch and gibberish. She holds a BFA in Painting from College of Art, Delhi (Delhi University), and an MA in Visual Art from Ambedkar University, Delhi. She has co-curated asJuggleheads (a collective of four artists) a group show in two parts called stutter in your eloquence in Kochi and Delhi. Since then, she has worked with archival institutions, undertaken thematic research on various short-term projects and has assisted artists in creative digital editing. She is also a coffee, tea and anime maniac.


Vinod (alias Chinnan) is an independent artist based in Baroda. His practice over the years has ranged from oil painting and charcoal drawing, to electronic media, web design, book design, and typography. Before joining Faculty of Fine Arts’ Painting Department in M.S. University Baroda, he was an active member of the renowned Odessa movement in Kerala in which he organized traveling film screenings, illustrated in the Odessa Journal, designed posters, and organised its art camps between 1990 and 1992. Alongside solo exhibitions, group-shows and independent projects, Chinnan has also been involved with initiatives such as ‘Different Tales: Stories from Marginal Cultures and Regional Languages’(Kottayam: DC Books, 2008) as a designer and illustrator for the children’s book series. He has also conducted workshops at Ekalavya Books in Bhopal on Book designing, at the Ambedkar University in Delhi on Typography, and at the Artist’s Guild in Assam on Artist Books, among others.Chinnan’s current interests lie at the crossroads of net-art and pedagogy.

Jagdish is an independent researcher, writer, translator and graphics designer, based in New Delhi. He has completed his MVA (Art History), from Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda in 2005. He has worked as visiting lecturer at Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chandigarh. He has worked as researcher and coordinator at Theatre in Education Company, a wing of National School of Drama, New Delhi. He has contributed articles in English and Hindi in New Age, MuktiSangarsh, Asian Affairs, Critique, Public Mirror and Baroda Pamphlet. Recently, he has compiled essays by MSS Pandian and translated them in Hindi, in his book, Rashtra Per Punarvichar: Dakshin Bharat ke Paripreksha’ (2018), published by Aakar books, New Delhi. He has designed a number of posters for campaign material for housing rights of urban slum dwellers of Delhi, against Uranium mining in Jadugoda, Naga People Movements for Human Rights, World Forum of Fish Workers and Fish Harvesters. 

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