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A comics/picture book project by BlueJackal, OCTA is an infinite loop of possibilities in visual storytelling. A set of eight books were published under OCTA in May 2018. OCTA has comics/picture books by Vasvi Oza & Jagdish, Treibor Mawlong, Shivangi Singh, Renuka Rajiv, Pallavi Arora, Kathyayini Dash, Chan, Akshay Sethi.  


We are thankful to the designers Harshit Vishwakarma and Hugo Pilate. We also thank desirepaths for supporting the first edition. And We also like to thank ArtBuzz for supporting it's second edition. 

Buy your copy of OCTA available at our SHOP.

Check out the single pages from all the books in this set here -

A page from ईंट (Eent), in Hindi, by Vasvi Oza and Jagdish
A page from Lum-Sohpetbneng Chronicles by Treibor Mawlong
A page from A woman in the Shape of a Monster by Shivangi Singh 
A page from Pinhead by Renuka Rajiv
A page from Plausible Dimensions, by Pallavi Arora 
A page from Thirteen ways of looking at a black beard, by Kathyayini Dash
A page from One Piece: a story of disintegration. Chapter 1.09, by Chan 
A page from Mootri (English) / मूतरी (Hindi), by Akshay Sethi 
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