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Chan Arun Narendra

My entry titled Dislocation of identities: Accounts of Sexuality and Sexual violence in Indian University Campuses is a reference to the Mudassir Kamran’s suicide, EFL University, Hyderabad, India  in 2013. I have used psychedelic, up-front close frames keeping the viewer 'in the face', staring/glaring at the helplessness of the violence in front of one, thereby interrogating our own agency in the reproduction of it. The strategic placement of the viewer and their proximity with the space and materiality of suicide, is to particularly engage with the sense of discomfort, dis-ease, dislocation of one's own self, displacement of relation with the other. I have used several references while making this comic -Vasa Samia. Heterosexuality and Sexual Violence, Anveshi Web Editor, 2014; Vasa Samia and Tellia A. Mourning Mudassir’s Suicide: A Tragic Tale of a Kashmiri Student, Sify News 2014 and images of on campus protests and grafitti.

Chan Arun Narendra has a training in Architecture and Visual Arts. Chan is currently enrolled as an Urban Fellow at Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore. Chan’s research and artistic works lie at an intersection of complicating our understanding of space (especially urban housing), politics of representation, and the history of gender and sexuality. As a transgender person, Chan’s works attempt to raise questions that destabilize our notions of home making, urban city politics - juxtaposed with intricate self-representational politics - through photography, abstract painting and mixed media installation art.

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