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Mihir Wairkar

Here is a man, naked, having his last leap in the realm of thought. Reflecting, on the dried pastures of his conscience. I feel strongly, that we are being judged by the ways and the gaze of the society. This sometimes has a lasting impact on our conscience. We find no time to reflect while being driven towards a false image of equality, modernity and hence we are being moulded to adjust accordingly, in all walks of life as mentioned in Rohith’s last note. There is hardly any scope left for difference in individuality.

Mihir Wairkar hails from Mumbai and works as an intern at Magic Sprouts. He has participated in the project Handler- Bartered Collections, curated by CONA and Mumbai art studio in 2015. He also participated in a performance That’s it at gallery Project 88 Mumbai and in a book making workshop conducted by Vishwa Shroff and Katsushi Goto.

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