Situation Comics 2

Situation Comics is a regular feature on BlueJackal. In every episode, a situation is proposed based on a historical event or on a fabulation, which invites creative participation to unfold as a comic strip. Comics as a popular medium has revealed its manifold possibilities over time. It is no more perceived only as a form limited to creating superheroes or lighthearted narratives but has been engaging critically with much wider and varied aspects of life. Our effort is to engage with the multifaceted popular character of comics.

Our howl for entries for Situation comics 2 was a sound piece composed by Sun Ra - 'I Seek a New World’, album -
'Strange Worlds In My Mind' – Space Poetry Vol 1 – late 50s/early 60s. 

I Seek a New World - Sun Ra
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I seek a new world lyrics



A Note from BlueJackal


Sun Ra (1) was an Afro-American jazz composer, bandleader, poet and philosopher known for his experimental music and "cosmic" philosophy. Born as Herman Blount, he disowned the "slave name" he had been given at birth, becoming instead Le Sony'r Ra. Defying the Second World War draft, he became one of the first black conscientious objectors and served time in prison. He is considered one of the pioneers of Afrofuturism (2) . Mark A. Rockeymoore writes "Afrofuturism ... is not a mechanical, technology driven vision of the future because an afro ain't never been about anything constricting or orderly, in the hierarchical sense. Rather, an afro is free-flowing, loving the wind. Changing, shifting and drifting on the breeze, bending this way, puffing out or just plain swaying gently from side to side, following the whimsical inclinations of the melanated person upon who's head it is perched."(3)


Each of the entries we received this time, has imagined and invented a different, a new world. This world sometimes manifests as a memory and sometimes looms in a moment yet to come. It sometimes counters existing reality and at others simply takes off beyond its given coordinates. The imaginative remains at the centre of many of these expressions of resistance, widening the scope and understanding of political action itself.


BlueJackal would like to thank all the contributors for their entries to Situation Comics 2. The contributors include Anarya Dodes, Sonam Chaturvedi, Raih, Shaunak Samvatsar, Vasvi Oza, Gagan Singh, Chakupa Banda, Treibor Mawlong, Vivek Moktan, Pallavi Arora, Lokesh Khodke, Anupam Roy, Blaise Joseph, Jithinlal and Akshay Sethi.


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