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~ is a blue-desire of re-taleing the Panchatantra 's indigo dyed Jackal.


~ is a blue-dream of painting the landscape to confuse the sky and rain.


~ is a blue-song whose lyrics disappear into the memories and appear to have ever present.


~ is a blue-lyrics whose words are broken and ever forming.


~ is a blue-noise that is yet to be heard but has set us to vibrate.


~ is a blue-improvisation that jazzes with an ensemble of unknown people.


~ is a blue-life that refuses to be written as #0000FF .


~ is a blue-resistance that flees before power.


~ is a blue-protest that is carnivalesque.


~ is a blue-body that is bruised red.


~ is a blue-virus declaring itself as a virus while disguising into the network.


~ is a blue-hoax that gossip and rumours over a chai.


~ is a blue-game that plays with its own rules.


~ is a blue-print that dances about architecture.


~ is a blue-line that strolls across borders, domains, territories, structures.


~ is a blue-point whose origin is the locus of its circumference.


~ is a blue-trick that fakes its mastery.


~ is a blue-fake that tricks its master.


~ is a blue-paradox of all black and whites.


~ is a blue-palette of the rainbow.


~ is a blue-blue that is never blue.



Speculations by Karthik KG.

BlueJackal dreams and desires to expand the grounds of these Speculations, to branch out and unfold through Annotations. We invite you to send an annotation in the form of an image/text/sound/video. Your annotation can be to any line or word in the above Speculations. Each word or line can have more than one annotation.You can see other people's annotations by clicking the blue links. Once selected your annotation will be published here with due credits.

Attention Readers:  Please tag your annotations for any word or a line from this text. 

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