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Anupam and Apoorv

'Stories and narratives were an integral part of our lives as kids. We as children always made up stories and situations while playing. During Diwali, much time was spent getting engrossed in them, while the figurines of soldiers became characters to our personal battlefields. This one page comic depicts how an individual transforms his hobby to his profession, i.e. how the protagonist who is fond of action figures as a child grows up to be a stop motion animator. It depicts a child’s inherent creativity and imagination and how he channels it during his maturity. Imagination is solely what drives the protagonist’s metamorphosis. In the local market, a variety of soldiers were found from Maratha warriors to even German ones; and that is how our protagonist found a new story. Another undertone to this subject is, these soldiers also show his duality. Both the soldiers come from geographically and culturally distinct backgrounds. They help emulate the fight that occurs in the protagonist’s own mind, the battle between imagination and self-doubt.'


Anupam Tathawadekar  is an animator and illustrator working as a Junior Animator at Venky’s Creative Studio, Pune. He has studied B. Des in Animation Film Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design (April 2018) and is interested in Visual storytelling and Illustration.


Apoorv Padhye is a Filmmaker with B.Des in Video Film Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design (April 2018) who likes writing and directing films and narratives.

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