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Situation Comics is a regular feature on BlueJackal. In every episode a situation is proposed which invites a creative participation to unfold as a one page comics.


Our third Howl for Entries was based on a short  film clip of 4 minutes 43 seconds excerpted from the Marathi movie ‘Vihir’ (Well) released in 2010 and directed by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni. The clip shows a group of cousins playing a children’s game—hide and seek.


 A Note from BlueJackal 

Situation Comics 3 invited one-page-comics entries in response to a short clip excerpted from the Marathi movie 'Vihir' (Well) by Umesh Kulkarni. The film clip shows a group of cousins playing hide and seek. The game in the film clip results in an unexpected outcome when Nachadada, the teenage protagonist decides to play an absurd move. In Samya’s eyes this spoils the game, but for Nachadada, the move opens up the game into an unknown yet enigmatic territory of speculation. 


The entries we received were varied in the ways in which they responded to the clip. Some entries deal with the aspect of visibility/invisibility that the game in the film throws up, exploring it in the context of specific identities or more generally of existence. Others address aspects of humour, trickery, word play, and imagination in childhood games which open up ways of seeing and engaging with life around us. Some also speak of the chance lessons learnt from childhood games while others actually reconstruct games through their one-page-comics.


BlueJackal would like to thank director of the film Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni for giving us permission and providing the selected clip from Vihir. We would also like to thank Noopur Desai (co-editor Hakara) who helped us getting in touch with Umesh.

BlueJackal would like to thank all the contributors for the entries of Situation Comics 3. The contributors include Bibi, Shakti Sharma, Stuti Mamen, Rahil Mohsin, Shefalee Jain, Simon Mackie, Pallavi Arora, Maya Janine DÇosta, Sourav Paul, Dyuti Mittal, Likla, Arpit Nag, Anupam and Apoorv, Amitabh Kumar, Rahul Kamalasan, Anish Talpade, Shrabani Dasgupta, Sharnav Datta, Saumitro Dutta, Manmeet Sandhu and Sumit Sehgal.

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