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'Hide and Seek is a one page graphic-response to the video clip, which elaborates the idea of the children’s game, of sight and visibility with reference to gender. The empirical tool of sight is always associated with knowledge, and thereby truth and power- “seeing with one’s own eyes” often stands synonymous to “fact”. This comicteases the possibilities of sight, and problematises notions of such empirical truth: we read certain characteristics into people who look like “men” or “women”, and perceive them to be so. While the narrative hints at this aspect of engendering and gender fluidity, the visual uses references of visibility through not only the panels but the usage of spectacles as dividers, as the gutter space, and mirrors as the text-boxes.'


Bibi is a self taught artist and comics enthusiast. She’s an aspiring feminist graphic novelist from Shantiniketan, currently pursuing her MPhil on feminist and queer comics and graphic narratives from the School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU.

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