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Dyuti Mittal

'Inspired by the game of hide and seek and how one of the children finds a deeper meaning through it in the movie clip, this short, abstract and poetic story is about 'hiding' (away from) or 'leaving' those you love and are attached to, exploring the nature of our attachments, how easily people come and go, and the irony of how togetherness is often taken for granted or can seem suffocating but parting makes us reminisize, want and wonder about the nature of where our own go after they leave us, as visualized by me in a dream...'


Dyuti is a graduate in Visual Communication Design from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology freelancing as a graphic novelist, illustrator and artist. She thrives on change and movement and seeks frequent transformation personally and professionally. She is curious to know and learn through personal experience, understand and question the world around her deeply and look at and feel everything she sees with innocent eyes. Her illustrations attempt to seize the absurdity and mood of places, things and people she encounters in a childlike, intuitive and expressive manner with movement, flow, closure, beauty, sensitivity, innocence, sensuality and the romantic magic of colorfulness - things she desires, and her comic book work tries to express her thoughts on behaviors and patterns in society, relationships, gender dynamics, love, sexuality, attachments, memories and personal desires..

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