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Lokesh Khodke

'I used to watch an Indian biographical tv series Kahakashan (Galaxy) in Urdu-Hindi (1991-92) which was about six great masters of modern Urdu poetry. The serial was researched and scripted by well known poet and scholar Ali Sardar Jafri with memorable music compositions by Jagjit Singh. In many of these gazals and nazms these poets imagine a new world and in many of these poems they criticize the existing world order in their social-political context. My comic borows that potential from Sun Ra and from these gazals of imagining and seeing a new world that every eye holds. And in that sense every eye is a galaxy...ek Kahakashan.'

Translation of the text in the comic strip:

'With each blink of an eye, sprouts a new world,

With each blink of an eye, a galaxy unfolds.'

Lokesh Khodke is a member of Bluejackal Core Team.

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