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Rahul Kamalasan

'After seeing the brief video on the situation hide and seek , I wanted to understand the relation of this childhood game with a more serious offense like accidentally harming something you love. And with this thought I created "Hyde" my character. A mischievous child who wanted to collect objects in his grandma's cupboard but accidentally harms his beloved mice.And consumed by guild he wants to hide himself up in the same cupboard where he collected all his nicked goods.'

Rahul Kamalasan, is a Delhi based artist. He works with visual images and text to make up a narrative. He feels that a form of art like comics helps him convey stronger intentions when covering it in the form of story. This format helps him tell and show at the same time and if its just either one then either it can leave off multiple meanings or with just words it can become simply become descriptive. So the form of comics is a way of story telling with themes very grievous yet told in a thoughtful way .

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