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The Moon on an Old Scooter
Based on a Saura folk lore

BlueJackal Publication September 2021

This series brings together retold folklore, legends and tales. In this series you can also read on The Secret of Erdmannlistein, a comic based on a Swiss legend by Wanda Dufner on BlueJackal. If you would like to participate in this exciting series, pitch us your comics at

The Moon on an Old Scooter

A comic based on a Saura oral folk lore from Odisha by @pooltahblackdot

Editors: Shivangi Singh, Lokesh Khodke, Shefalee Jain (BlueJackal Team)

@pooltahblackdot is an artist. He works with found objects, everyday materials, linearity, time, space, memories and personal experiences. He can be contacted on his insta handle @pooltahblackdot.

​© @pooltahblackdot

No images or text from this comic can be used or distributed without prior permission from @pooltahblackdot or BlueJackal​


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